Considerations for Letters of Recommendation

Hi all!  We are inching close to Thanksgiving and the break!  That means that we are in Letters of Recommendation season!  With that in mind, I wanted to offer some suggestions, both for applications to Graduate School and for REU applications. First, you might not be applying to either of these right now.  That isContinue reading “Considerations for Letters of Recommendation”

Preparing for Graduate School

Welcome to another academic year, especially those of you who are new to Belmont!  This post is aimed particularly at underclassmen who are interested in attending graduate school: PhD programs in particular (not pertinent for those interested in entering the medical field).  I also hope that upperclassmen will find some helpful information here, too! Ok,Continue reading “Preparing for Graduate School”

Grad School Conversations: Dr. Beth Bowman at Vanderbilt

New month, new post! One of the goals I’d like to accomplish is for you to hear directly from graduate school admissions committee members so that the process of applying is more transparent. It so happens that my twin sister, Dr. Beth Bowman, holds a variety of positions in the Biomedical Graduate Programs at VanderbiltContinue reading “Grad School Conversations: Dr. Beth Bowman at Vanderbilt”

Oh my goodness, how do I write a Personal Statement for an REU application?

Every time I’ve been required to write a personal statement, I freak out.  In the past, I thought these essays needed to be mind-blowing narratives to convince people how “awesome” I was and that I “totally understood” science.  This was incredibly intimidating—especially when, if I was honest with myself, I didn’t think I was thatContinue reading “Oh my goodness, how do I write a Personal Statement for an REU application?”

How many REUs should I apply for–and where?

Becky Adams 12/9/2020 First thing’s first: it is great that you’re thinking about applying to an REU! This kind of extracurricular experience is so important to have on your transcript when applying to graduate school (or many other kinds of post-secondary education programs, like medical school). Not only does it demonstrate your interest in gettingContinue reading “How many REUs should I apply for–and where?”

Vanderbilt’s Virtual VSSA

Becky Adams, 11/25/2020 I have to start out my suggestions by directing you to the Virtual VSSA program that was put on by Dr. Beth Bowman at Vanderbilt last summer. Vanderbilt typically hosts several summer research programs for undergraduates, one of which is the Vanderbilt Summer Science Academy. These programs are intended to provide researchContinue reading “Vanderbilt’s Virtual VSSA”

Introducing: Your EpiTranscript

Becky Adams, 11/25/2020 Why are we here? As the faculty of the Biology department at Belmont, we think it is our duty to not only teach concepts within the classroom, but also to provide guidance for how to prepare to apply for post-undergraduate education, as many of our students will do. This website is focusedContinue reading “Introducing: Your EpiTranscript”